Student Data Privacy Consortium announces 2022-2023 Leadership

Washington, DC, 5 October 2022— The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), a Special Interest Group of the non-profit Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community, is proud to announce the Management Board for 2022-2023. The SDPC Management Board oversees strategic and day-to-day activities of this still growing Community consisting of end users and marketplace provider stakeholders.  These leaders approve projects and tools that help support “connecting and securing effective learning ecosystems” by addressing tactical and real-world education data privacy issues as well as contributing to the development of strategies for the global Community.

Community members elected to serve on the SDPC Management Board for a two-year term are:

•  Ramah Hawley, The Education Co-operative (TEC)

•  Libbi Nelson, California IT in Education (CITE)

•  Steve Setzer, Loop Data

•  Jim Siegl, Future of Privacy Forum

•  Ben Silberglitt, CedarLabs

•  Steve Smith, Cambridge Public Schools

These newly elected members join the following SDPC Management Board members starting their second-year term:

•  Andy Bloom, McGraw-Hill Education

•  Tom Ingram, Escambia County School District

•  Josh Olstad, New Hampshire CTO Council

We are also pleased to be inviting Anthony Yaremenko, National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP), Australia, back as an ‘Appointed Representative’ for the coming term.

“I am thrilled to depend on these experienced leaders, who are already actively involved in supporting student privacy practices, being part of the SDPC Management Board for this coming term”, states Larry L Fruth II, Ph.D., Executive Director/CEO, A4L Community. “Their leadership, guidance and overall dedication to the Community will prove critical to our collective successes as the SDPC Resource Registry matures providing real world solutions for data privacy for schools and state data stewards as well as marketplace providers globally.”

The SDPC Resource Registry was designed to provide an “on the ground and real world” set of privacy tools allowing schools to manage and communicate on the software solutions impacting learning. The Registry allows schools, districts, divisions, states, territories, and vendors to find resources, adapt them to their unique context and implement needed protections.  We are delighted that the marketplace has found that the Registry is a great resource for them, and with 70,000+ signed Agreements, 10,000+ School Districts and 34 State Alliances using it, there is still plenty of room for growth!

For more information about the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), please visit:

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