SIF Infrastructure Specification 3.4 goes into Community Review

On November 17, 2021, the Association Board of Directors approved the SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification (global) 3.4 for A4L Community review.

This release of the SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification is in a different form than we have ever published before. Part of what makes this possible is the one piece that will remain the same… although it wasn’t reintroduced to the Global SIF Infrastructure until our last release, the format used for our data models (globally) will be submitted. From this we will produce API documentation and OpenAPI files similar to that which is being included with our most recent data model releases. This will both make things much clearer to developers and further align all our documentation into a consistent style.

What continues to be unique about the Infrastructure is the documentation on how to combine SIF Services into solutions. With this release we will start the transition from narrative volumes shared as PDFs to topical articles shared on a Confluence website.

Additional functionality included in this release is a new concept for our ecosystem, Admin Directives, empowers endpoint Providers to ‘inform’ or ’direct’ endpoint Consumers what needs to happen. This opens the possibility to prompt the resending of data, expose what objects have been updated, and initiate functional services etc. This inversion of control is joined by the ability to simply acknowledge a message from a queue without getting the next message. Empowering proper shutdown when retrieving messages while still allowing the incredible scalability is what our Infrastructure is known for.

Community Review period will be open from Thursday, November 18, 2021 until Thursday, December 9, 2021 (inclusive).

As this is a Community Review, you will be required to login to the A4L website to submit your feedback.


*Only one vote per organization will be accepted. Should multiple votes be received, only the first received will be included in the final survey poll.*

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