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NOV 7-9, 2023

pK20W+ Privacy & Interoperability Summit


Welcome & Introductions

Presented by: David Moldoff & Steve Smith

Collaborative Synergy:  Uniting Standards Bodies, Vendors and Agencies for Efficiency and Growth

Moderated by: Alex Jackl  |  Panellists: David Moldoff, Ross Santy, Steve Smith & Jason Tyszko

Social Networking

Sponsored by: Parchment



Learner Lifecycle & Interoperability

Presented by: David Moldoff & Steve Smith

What do we all mean when we say PK20W+?

Moderated by: Alex Jackl  |  Panellists: Jim Campbell, Jay Pennington, Simone Ravaioli & Jason Tyszko

Student Data Privacy Across pK20W+

Moderated by: Steve Smith  |  Panellists: Tom Ingram, Ross Lemke, Tracy Locklin, Neal Richardson & Jim Siegl

The State of Data Standards

Moderated by: Alex Jackl  |  Panellists: Jim Goodell, Mark Leuba, Ben Silberglitt & Jason Weaver

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Moderated by: Michael Sessa  |  Panellists: John Lovell, Karen McCredie, Felicia Perez & Jen Sauro

Workforce outcomes & Skills-based hiring

Moderated by: Greg Nadeau  |  Panellists: Hillary Halpern, Bert van der Geest, Taylor Hansen & Frank Cicio

Unleashing the Potential: Exploring the Impact of AI and Large Language Models on Education 

Roundtable discussion moderated by: Alex Jackl

Microcredentials for Student Mobility & Data Portability

Moderated by: Monterey Sims  |  Panellists: Bert van der Geest, Hillary Halpern, Eric Levy & Jay Pennington

Improving EdTech Research: A Legal, Ethical, and Technical Framework for inclusive R&D 

Presented by: Bill Fitzgerald  |  Panellists: Imani Goffney, Ivy Sandberg & Amelia Vance

IEEE 1484.2 Learning and Employment Record (LER) Standards

Presented by: Greg Nadeau



Presented by: David Moldoff & Steve Smith

(Rapid fire) A4L Workgroup Updates

Moderated by: Monterey Sims  |  Panellists: Ramah Hawley, Alex Jackl, John Lovell, Mike Reynolds & Steve Smith

(Rapid fire) PESC Workgroup Updates

Moderated by: Ben Silberglitt  |  Panellists: Matt Bemis, Doug Holmes, Jim Kelly, Anthony Uljanec & Jason Weaver

Student Data Systems & Security

Moderated by: Steve Smith  |  Panellists: Steve Brawn, Erin Elliott, Jeff Janover, Ross Lemke, Neal Richardson

Nuts & Bolts…

Moderated by: Doug Holmes  |  Panellists: Alex Jackl & Mike Reynolds

The global future of privacy & interoperability

Presented by: Alex Jackl & Steve Smith  |  With: David Moldoff & Ben Silberglitt

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MAY 17-19, 2023

Privacy & Interoperability Symposium

THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2023

Welcome / Introductions

Presented by: Alex Jackl, Bardic Systems; Ben Silberglitt, Cedar Labs; and Steve Smith, Cambridge Public Schools

KEYNOTE:  Privacy or Interoperability?  Which takes priority when balancing the needs of educators and students.

Presented by: Ross Santy, NCES & Ross Lemke, AEM Corp.  Moderated by Steve Smith.

Data Standards United

Presented by: Alex Jackl, Bardic Systems; and Ben Silberglitt, Cedar Labs

District Level Privacy by Design

Presented by: Eric Levy & Lisa Waters, Cambridge Public Schools, MA

Using the Project Unicorn Interoperability Rubric to Your Advantage

Presented by: Chloe Sanducci, InnovateEDU

Special Announcement

Supporting Student Data Privacy: A Ten Step Approach to Success

Presented by: William Fritz, Learn21

Developing a Multi-State Data Privacy Program

Presented by: Ramah Hawley & Cindy Tougas, The Education Cooperative (TEC)

Solving SEA and LEA interoperability needs with one cloud-native platform

Presented by: Ben Silberglitt & Mike Reynolds, Cedar Labs

Awaiting slides…

National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) V2 Update

Presented by: Libbi Nelson, CITE; Steve Setzer, Loop Data; and Jim Siegl, Future of Privacy Forum

A Modern Approach to Data Certification

Presented by: John Paul, Wyoming Department of Education; and Aziz Elia, CPSI Ltd

Vendor Considerations for IT security

Presented by: Ross Lemke, AEM Corporation/PTAC

Iowa Transcript Exchange

Presented by: Jay Pennington, Iowa Department of Education

Awaiting slides…

SDPC Alliance Management: Best Practices

Panel: Libbi Nelson, CITE; Ramah Hawley, The Education Cooperative (TEC); Connie Coy, MOREnet; and Josh Olstad, NH CTO Council

Data Standards United and how the A4L Community is working with other standards

Presented by: Alex Jackl, Bardic Systems

Awaiting slides…

FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2023


Presented by: Steve Smith, Cambridge Public Schools

Global Education Security Standards (GESS) & Privacy Obligation Documents (PODs)

Presented by: Steve Smith, Cambridge Public Schools

Privacy Obligation Documents (PODs): A Deeper Dive

Presented by: Mike Reynolds, Cedar Labs; and Lisa Waters, Cambridge Public Schools

Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) & the SIF Specification

Presented by: Duane Brown, Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) and John Lovell, A4L Community

SDPC Resource Registry what does it look like moving forward?

Presented by: Steve Smith & Lisa Waters, Cambridge Public Schools

Next Steps for A4L Specifications

Presented by: Alex Jackl, Bardic Systems

Awaiting slides…

The global future of privacy & interoperability

Presented by: Ben Silberglitt, Cedar Labs

JAN 18-19, 2023

2023 SecurED Schools: K-12 Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Conference

JANUARY 19, 2023

Leveraging the SDPC Resource Registry – Save Time and Promote Transparency

This session will show how to use the SDPC Resource Registry portal – more of a hands-on workshop for this featuring how you upload, share, and search for agreements. Even if you are already an expert – there have been new features and functionalities being added each week! Have we addressed your student privacy “pain point”? Also, an update on new SDPC Projects will be highlighted in this informative learning session.

JANUARY 18, 2023

Help Me Get Apps Safely in My Digital Ecosystem?  A4L/SDPC Simplifies for You!

It all starts with “…I want this app” from a staffer. It should be easy right? You know better….. This session will address the various steps the A4L/SDPC Community you are a part of – 10,000 schools strong – can help get the app in the hands of the practitioner and even students in a safe, secure and timely manner. A set of free supporting tools, strategies will be provided for IL schools through the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) addressing privacy, security, and data exchanges including many new initiatives.

SEPT 27, 2022

WEBINAR: Interoperability and Privacy - Balancing Risks and Rewards

How do you balance keeping student’s data private and secure while also ensuring the RIGHT data gets to the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT time? Increased interoperability without the inclusion of privacy requirements equals increased risk. Join leaders from the Access 4 Learning’s Student Data Privacy Consortium, the Future of Privacy Forum, and Bardic Systems to discuss how to leverage the power of data interoperability while keeping student data secure. Learn how you can connect and secure effective learning ecosystems that benefit students while ensuring compliance with federal and state privacy laws. 

Hosted by Project Unicorn

SEPT 22, 2022

WEBINAR: Great Data States Series - Oklahoma

Travel to Oklahoma for the latest in our Great Data States Webinar Series! Join Project Unicorn, A4L, the Oklahoma State Department of Education, and Abbott Advising Group for a virtual tour of Oklahoma’s history of data modernization plans, its current work in the areas of privacy, security, and governance, and advice for other states.

Hosted by Project Unicorn

SEPT 7, 2022

WEBINAR: Great Data States Series - Massachusetts

Vision, collaboration, planning, and implementation. That is what the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), its schools, and vendor partner members have done to mature their statewide data system. The MA Data Hub leverages the state data collection to provide the data back to the districts for streamlined, secure rostering and data sharing. The tools provided to the districts embed privacy enforcement and transparency. Join @projunicorn on September 7, for this “Great Data States” session that will highlight how MA is developing and using best practices around interoperability and privacy.

Hosted by Project Unicorn

AUG 8-12, 2022

STATS DC Data Conference 2022

(all webinar links are external)

Monday, August 8, 2022

2-D: Looking to Align YOUR Data System with CEDS? Unity Gets You There!

3-C: A School CIO, Privacy Lawyer and Vendor Walk Into A Bar….

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

5-B: Oklahoma State Data System Modernization – Real World and Working in the Cloud

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

8-B: Modernizing a Statewide Student Information System and Data Collection Architecture

Thursday, August 11, 2022

11-C: Data Certification for the Real World – Make Certification Simple for Your LEAs

12-D: It’s Been 10 Years – Oklahoma State Department of Education Modernizing the SLDS

Friday, August 12, 2022

14-A: Modernizing Maine’s SLDS: Improving Access to Data Through CEDS and Data Visualizations

15-A: Leveraging a Statewide SIF Infrastructure for Seamless Generate Reporting

APR 25-27, 2022

Interoperability & Privacy Symposium

MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2022

Welcome / Introductions: The State of the Community

Presented by: Larry Fruth, A4L Community

Privacy and Interoperability Landscape

Presented by: Amelia Vance, Public Interest Privacy Consulting

What Does “Connecting and Securing for Effective Learning Ecosystems” REALLY Mean?

Presented by: Steve Smith, Cambridge Public Schools; Ben Silberglitt, CedarLabs

PTAC Supporting YOUR Data Privacy Work

Presented by: Ross Lemke, PTAC

Unity Grade Pass Back

Presented by: Steve Setzer, Loop Data; John Lovell, A4L Community

How to Navigate the Shifting Student Data Privacy Landscape

Presented by: Mohit Gupta, Clever; Cody Venzke, Center for Democracy & Technology; Jim Siegl, Future of Privacy Forum

Panel Discussion

Moving from High School to University in Iowa

Presented by: Jay Pennington, Iowa Department of Education


The MA Data Hub: An SEA and LEAs working together to promote student data privacy

Presented by: Steve Smith & Eric Levy, Cambridge Public Schools; Ben Silberglitt, CedarLabs

Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) – Addressing Security and Privacy

Presented by: Anthony Yaremenko, NSIP

Now To Move The Market on Security – ST4S and GESS

Presented by: Anthony Yaremenko, NSIP; Steve Smith, Cambridge Public Schools

The Exchange Mechanics of the Privacy Obligation Document (POD)

Presented by: Mike Reynolds, CedarLabs; Eric Levy & Lisa Waters, Cambridge Public Schools; John Lovell, A4L Community

How to Ensure Data Privacy and Security in Schools Protecting Student Data and Privacy

Presented by: George Perreault, Classlink; Dr. Tina Barrios, Polk County

The Case for Interoperability – How Community Responsiveness is Shaping the Future: Part 1

Presented by: Anthony Yaremenko, NSIP

Are You Using the Full Power of the Resource Registry? You Need To!

Presented by: Lisa Waters, Cambridge Public Schools; Penny Murray, A4L Community

The Case for Unity – How Community Responsiveness is Shaping the Future: Part 2

Presented by: John Lovell, A4L Community; Alex Jackl, Bardic Systems; Ben Silberglitt, CedarLabs; John Paul, Wyoming Department of Education


Recap Of Day 2 / Community Update

Presented by: Penny Murray, A4L Community

The Linking of CEDS to A4L’s Unity – Steps along the way

Presented by: Jim Campbell, AEM; Ross Santy, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES); Alex Jackl, Bardic Systems

Making the case for Cybersecurity Awareness Training in K-12

Presented by: Timothy Tillman, Chesterfield County Schools

Technical Quality Control – The Maturation of Certification

Presented by: Jeff Simons, WSIPC; John Lovell, A4L Community

Alliances Effective Practice Sharing

Alliance Panel: Cynthia Tougas, TEC; Tom Ingram, Escambia County SD; Joshua Olstad, Oyster River Cooperative SD; Jay Pennington, Iowa Dept of Education; Chris Wherley, LTC

Panel Discussion

Back to the Future

Presented by: Mike Reynolds, CedarLabs

Student Privacy Myth-Busters

Presented by: Jim Siegl, Future of Privacy Forum

Real-world Education Data Management Performance Testing

Presented by: Ben Silberglitt & Mike Reynolds, CedarLabs

Data Standards United

Presented by: Michael Sessa, PESC; Larry Fruth, A4L Community

Navigating the Standards – EdMatrix

Presented by: Brandt Redd, EdMatrix

DEC 14, 2021

Curious about linking privacy to security common frameworks?

Continuing the maturation of YOUR Community, we are inviting you to a special call on a project underway that could soon be coming your way…

The Safer Technologies 4 Schools initiative (ST4S) is an Australian State and Territory government standardized approach to evaluating digital products and services used by K12 schools against a nationally consistent security and privacy control framework.  The SDPC Community leverages the work across the global membership for effective knowledge sharing – the Global Education Privacy Standard (GEPS) was the first global activity and ST4S could be another great value for you, your organization and your partners. 

Join Anthony Yaremenko, ST4S Project Lead, Education Services Australia, for a quick overview of work, progress and international opportunities and how soon the SDPC could leverage it to continue to move the needle on privacy and security in the marketplace.

AUG 17-20, 2021

STATS DC Data Conference 2021

(all webinar links are external)

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

SESSION 4C – Data Standards United: A pragmatic look at how Standards can work together for your use case

SESSION 6C: Marketplace Contracting:  Imagine if Your LEA, SEA, and Provider Were All On The Same Page!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

SESSION 9D: Creating “Win-Win-Win” Scenarios in Establishing Common Data Privacy Expectations: A Case Study for Schools, States, and Marketplace Providers

SESSION 7C – A MODEL Connected and Secure Data System from LEA to SEA: Turning a Statewide Data Collection From Compliance to Productive Tool 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

SESSION 11D: What is A State Agency’s Stewardship Role In Addressing Student Privacy Issues 

SESSION 12D – From SIF to Unity: The Complete and Most Utilized K-12 Education Data Standard Alive and Growing in States! 

Friday, August 20, 2021

SESSION 14D – A Tech Director, a Vendor, and a Privacy Advocate Walk Into a Bar: A Panel Discussion 

MAY 4, 2021

A4L Community Town Hall

2020 Leadership Review from North American Management & Technical Board, as well as the Student Data Privacy (SDPC) Management Board.  Plus a look at the priorities for 2021-2022 in all areas, Operational Support priorities, 2022 Symposium update and Q&A.  Presented by Board Co-Leads and Staff.

FEB 23, 2021

Unifying Student Data Privacy with Data Interoperability - the Unity Blueprint

The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) has been moving the needle on setting privacy expectations between School Districts, States and marketplace providers.  The strength of the collective power of the Community and the best practice leadership shown in protecting student data through Data Privacy Agreements (DPAs) is the reason for this success.

It’s a GREAT first step, but collectively we could do more in protecting your local learning ecosystem:
> How are your vendors implementing the privacy requirements?
> How do you convey legal requirements to the vendors’ technical teams?
> How does increased data interoperability without embedded privacy created increased risk?
> Is there a way I can address and enforce privacy requirements through openly developed technical standards?

This webinar will show you how to leverage the A4L/SDPC Community’s 20 years of combined data interoperability and privacy work using real world use cases, tools, resources and contacts showing streamlined data stewardship from across the globe.

FEB 3-24, 2021

Connecting & Securing Effective Learning Ecosystems


FEBRUARY 24, 2021 – SESSION FOUR: Connecting and Securing in the Real World

The MA Data Hub Solution

This pilot project was designed to leverage the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (DESE) state data collection & Cedar Labs’ “hub and spoke” architecture to branch a state reporting data connection and create an easy-to-manage data integration platform for school districts. MA DESE, and Cambridge Public Schools are leveraging the existing state data connection to branch the flow of data not just for state reporting, but to also provide additional value add services such as standards agnostic rostering and privacy enforcement.

FEBRUARY 17, 2021 –  SESSION THREE:  Foundations of “Securing” Ecosystems Student Privacy

Data Stewardship 101 – Setting Common Expectations Between Vendors and Customers

A key component for any conversation is to understand the lens from which your discussion partner is viewing the world. The majority of “disconnects” seen between marketplace players and their customers evolve from of a lack of common expectations in data stewardship. We do have some solutions to resolve that!

The Securing Continuum: From Legislation to Ecosystem Implementation and All Steps In-Between.

The Community has done a great amount of engagement with school technology leaders around “what are you juggling each day with your digital ecosystem and what can the Community help support via connecting and securing effective learning ecosystems. This can be driven from the top down through legislation or bottom up through need!

FEBRUARY 10, 2021 – SESSION TWO: Foundations of “Connecting” Ecosystems in the Real World

Setting the Course for Standardizing – Stopping the “Wheel Re-invention”

Those that run Education Data Integrations are faced with a choice. Do we build on what we have, or do we rip and replace? There are a series of questions whose answers will help you choose. What are the problems with our current integration? Will modernizing our systems address the pain points? Is there ongoing development and a supported path into the future? Can we provide feedback and impact the future to meet our needs? We will explore these questions so that you can move forward with confidence.

Starting with the Data Dictionary and Maturing to Usage Tools All Under Local Control.

There has been great leadership at the federal level for identifying and defining educational data through the work of the Handbooks and now CEDS. The reality is more than 95% of the data is locally held and used. So how can the top-down work for schools and promotion of technical solutions using various standards? Is it possible to “just make it work”?

FEBRUARY 3, 2021 – SESSION ONE: Connecting and Securing – Setting the Stage

Data Access is Easier Than Ever with More Data Each Day – Is That A Good Thing?

More is better right?  But is it?  Hear about the pluses and minuses of more data in education and the implications at has on data stewardship, communications and even operational impacts through the lens of a school and a state CIO.

School and State Leadership On Local Control Issues

Data stewardship is, and will probably always be, one of those notorious “local control issue” for schools and states.  There are some great examples though of states providing leadership and support to help schools as they juggle their constantly evolving role in supporting learning – at the local level! 


JUL 17, 2019

JUN 24, 2019

APR 18, 2019


EIMAC Webinar #8: Tactical Student Data Privacy – Putting Guidelines into use

APR 3-5, 2019

2019 A4L Community & Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) Annual Meeting

JAN 16, 2019

Data Access Is Easier Than Ever: Is That A Good Thing?

Hosted by: Monica Cougan, ENA
Presenters: Jena Draper, CEO at CatchOn and Larry Fruth II PhD, CEO/Exec Director at A4L Community