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The Access 4 Learning Community (A4L) and it’s special interest group the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), is unique as it offers all members an equal voice.  Whether you are a small business or a multi-national, a one-building district/division or national education agency, your voice and opinions count and you are welcomed to the ‘A4L Table’.  This is THE place to contribute to learning tools that work seamlessly whilst ensuring data integrity, security and privacy.  There is no better place to connect with your peers, partners, contractors, clients or experts in data management and privacy!

The value of membership…

The Community is THE collaborative space for members to create a suite of solutions and resources to operationalize student data privacy.  Made up of both marketplace software providers and their customers, the Community is the BEST way to show your public commitment to protecting student data.

A4L Membership Benefits

This Community is 100% supported by members – and we collectively address their pain points and ‘wish lists’ to best support their work.  The diverse Community make-up means the value add of membership depends on who you are.

Everyone can access the A4L Community websites and the resources they offer, but non-members have limited access to the SDPC Resource Registry and Community Site (Project Team collaboration area):

FREE access

no login required

Individual search by District and/or Vendor Resource (members only) on Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) Resource Registry

Access to the openly developed interoperable with privacy on the wire technical (SIF) Specification

Access to Effective practices documentation support for application integration

Access to Members/Partners information

Access to view SIF Certification Registry

Access to White Papers

Newsletter subscription (create a ‘Guest’ account to keep up-to-date on all A4L activities)

To gain access to the following, membership of the A4L Community is required (see pricing structure below):


All ‘FREE’ access, PLUS:

Access to the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) Resource Registry:

View: Secured DPAs

Search: Entire Registry across all Alliances and Countries – by State, Vendor, Resource, DPA, Grade Level and/or Content Area

Application Registry Management

Organizational privacy workflow tool

Use of National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA)

Use of National Research Data Privacy Agreement (NRDPA)

Use of SDPC Vendor Signatory Badges for non-modified National Data Privacy Agreements (NDPAs)

Interoperability and Privacy Guidance (Planning, RFP language, Technical Support, etc.)

Access to Standards Use Case and Privacy Resources

Access to Community Site collaboration area

Be a part of Community Project Teams/deliverables – Developing technical standards, National Data Privacy Agreement, etc.

Ability to run for leadership positions and an equal voice ‘at the table (no matter how large or small your organization)

Access and networking opportunities to other Community Members – globally!

Community Updates and Reminders subscription

SDPC Weekly Digest subscription

PREMIUM Membership

All ‘FREE’ and ‘BASIC’ access, PLUS:

‘Premium’ access to the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) Resource Registry:

State Alliances NDPA Comparison

Automated POD Creation via the Registry’s GEPS Manager

Promotion of Resources when Alliance DPA Signed

Resource Registry API Access

Premium Member Badge for use plus Premium Member recognition at all events

Host Marketplace providers ‘Showcase’ webinars

Access to SIF Test Harness for quality control support & testing

Unlimited API Management Testing

Complimentary Certification Program Utilization

15% off Community Meetings Registration Fee

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Please review the Membership Dues matrix below and select one of the membership buttons to start your online membership application.

All membership dues are payable per annum, shown in $USD

Vendor membership dues are based on the organization’s gross annual revenue and/or funding/grants.

Membership pricing structure is reviewed annually (January).


If you are a School District interested in participating in the SDPC Resource Registry, please check if your state has an active Alliance already set-up on the Registry. (Search: State Alliances drop-down menu).  If so, please click the ‘Join Us’ link at the bottom of the search page.  Need more help, CLICK HERE >>


Once you have completed your online membership application, please sign a copy of the A4L Community Membership Agreement, and send to

By completing the online membership application process, you are automatically agreeing to the terms set out in the A4L Community Membership Agreement.


SEA / Government / Higher Education


Alliance ‘Lead’ Agency has full membership access, while identified districts/divisions have access to the SDPC Resource Registry and tools

<100 Districts / Divisions

>100 Districts / Divisions


State Agency and ALL districts/divisions have full membership access

<100 Districts / Divisions

>100 Districts / Divisions


Based on the whole organization’s gross annual revenue including funding and/or grants.


A4L Community Non-Profit Membership” shall be a non-profit organization who wishes to be a part of the Community in a non-voting classification.

Dues are based on annual funding support (including grants, donations etc.)

Please note:  This membership allows participation in the majority of Project Team and Community activities, but does not include managing any Agreements on the SDPC Resource Registry, or use of some copyrighted materials (specifically the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA)).

$0 – $5 million

$6 – $20 million


A4L Community Partner Membership” shall be an association or membership organization who has entered into a Partner agreement including reciprocal membership (as in another association). A Partner Member needs to have a similar mission to the A4L Community, and interested entities must request “Partners” status by petitioning requests through the Board of Directors. This is a non-voting classification.

Please note:  This membership does not include managing Agreements on the SDPC Resource Registry, or use of copyrighted materials (such as the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) or National Research Data Privacy Agreement (NRDPA)), nor participation in specific Alliance or Vendor Project Teams.

Are you a school district who just wants to participate in the SDPC Resource Registry?

Your State may already have an Alliance which you can join.

Are you a school district who just wants to participate in the SDPC Resource Registry?

Your State may already have an Alliance which you can join.