The A4L Community conducts the majority of its day-to-day work online via virtual meetings and webinars.  In addition, there are many face-to-face opportunities across the globe, including training, Annual Meetings and Community Days.

In-person meetings

We do not have any face-to-face meeting scheduled in the coming months.

'Showcase' webinars

We are delighted to be bringing the Vendor ‘Showcase’ webinars back for 2022.  Being held between March-November, these webinars aim to provide you with an opportunity to find out more about our members and their commitment to data management and data privacy.

More information coming soon…

Project Teams

The work of the volunteer Community is done by open invites to Project Teams.  Find out what is being worked on now and get involved…. should you be in them?

External Events

Here are a few of the external events that Staff and our Community members will be presenting at in the coming months:

MAY 16


Jacksonville, FL

JUNE 15- 16

Arkansas Ed Tech

JUNE 26- 29


New Orleans

SEPT 18-22


Orlando, FL

OCT 19

Missouri K-HE Ed Tech

To view our Presentation Archive, please click here.