A4L Quarterly Newsletter, May 2022

It sounds logical and of course critical for successful data stewardship for all learners. However, you can probably count numerous times when a mantra is just lip service OR something you can relate to “vaporware” in software! The A4L Community leadership and staff have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to make this tag real, tactical and supported by on the ground successful use cases. This Community is delivering big time on interoperability AND privacy!

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A4L Quarterly Newsletter, September 2020

Being a non-profit organization made up of hundreds of volunteers – both end users and marketplace providers – the “let’s get back to school” focus has provided some interesting informal research data points: We look at educational technology differently,  We look at teachers differently, We look at marketplace providers differently, We look at learning differently.

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A4L Quarterly Newsletter, June 2020

Albert Einstein famously stated, “In the midst of every difficulty lies opportunity.”  While I am quite sure he did not intend this for a global pandemic, this restricted time has given many individuals, families and even organizations time to review ‘how they work’.  Recently, the North American Management Board of the Association held conversations around how to communicate our collective work more effectively, addressing the realities of interoperability and privacy.

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