Penny Murray

Announcement to Membership: North American Elections 2023

The Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community has continued to have phenomenal leadership over the past year. The leadership, guidance and overall dedication to the Community prove critical to our collective successes… it is hard to believe that it is time for elections again! Nominations for the North American Management Board and At-Large Technical Board will be available from March 30 – April 20, 2023 (inclusive).

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A4L Quarterly Newsletter, March 2023

For some of us it is spring. For our AU & NZ members it is the end of another summer. For those of us in the US some have had a mild winter and others very stormy. One thing we all have in common is that as a member of the A4L Community we are all entering a period of rebirth, excitement and renewed energy. The future of A4L is very bright.

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Australian A4L Community publish SIF Data Model Specification enabling transfer of student information across state boundaries

The National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP) on behalf of the Australian A4L Community is proud to publish the SIF Data Model Specification (Australia) 3.5 to the marketplace. This represents the first major release of the Australian SIF Data Model Specification since October 2016.

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The A4L North American Community releases Unity Specification supporting grading, CEDS implementation and state EDFacts reporting

The Access 4 Learning® (A4L) Community is proud to announce the latest release of the Unity Specification which has enhanced and optimized many features including Grade Passback, standards-based grading, and EDFacts reporting.

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A4L Community releases the global SIF Infrastructure Specification supporting Lightweight Providers of Data

The Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community is proud to announce the release of the collaboratively developed global SIF Infrastructure Specification 3.5 which is unique in the technical standards world in that it supports data movement via greater interoperability by standardizing ‘data and privacy on the wire’. 

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