A4L Quarterly Newsletter, May 2022

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Connecting and Securing Effective Learning Ecosystems ®

foreword by Larry Fruth II, PhD—Exec Director/ CEO, A4L Community

It sounds logical and of course critical for successful data stewardship for all learners. However, you can probably count numerous times when a mantra is just lip service OR something you can relate to “vaporware” in software!  The A4L Community leadership and staff have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to make this tag real, tactical and supported by on the ground successful use cases.  This Community is delivering big time on interoperability AND privacy!

While the rollout of the ‘merged’ work of the Community has been coming out in parts and pieces, the recently held ‘Privacy and Interoperability Symposium’ allowed for a face to face kick off opportunity to hear and discuss the great work going on.  If you missed the fun, this newsletter provides a great summary of the event and the direction of the organization based on the rich conversations held in Washington DC.  We did miss you!

In addition to that debrief, read about the various parts and pieces to support the Community tag line such as single membership sign on work, maturation of the Resource Registry, validation of new Infrastructure capabilities by a third party evaluator, next version of the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA), international leveraging work, new look marketing and branding, next Unity release focus, and the best way for you to get tied into the work that interests/impacts your role – whatever it is!

Grab a cup of coffee/tea/soda, put your feet up, and read on!  There is a LOT going into “Connecting and Securing Effective Learning Ecosystems®”…

Global Community News:

Welcome new members!; A4L Community moving forward for 2022 and beyond…; A4L Community release ‘performance tested’ SIF Infrastructure Specification; Real-world Education Data Management Performance Testing; Infrastructure Project Team looking for reviewers; SIF 2.7 Certification moves to a new Test Harness; Interoperability & Privacy Symposium (Apr 25-27): Overview; and Community Project Team updates

AU Community News:

Student Data Transfer Protocol

NA Community News:

2022 Election Results; The next step in the Unity Roadmap

Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) News:

Major SDPC Resource Registry enhancements improve productivity; Update: National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) version 2 developments; Global Education Security Standards (GESS) Project Team update

DOWNLOAD the A4L Quarterly Newsletter, May 2022 >>

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