A4L Quarterly Newsletter, March 2023

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Is it really Spring?

For some of us it is spring. For our AU & NZ members it is the end of another summer. For those of us in the US some have had a mild winter and others very stormy. One thing we all have in common is that as a member of the A4L Community we are all entering a period of rebirth, excitement and renewed energy. The future of A4L is very bright.

The Community’s work at the intersection of privacy & interoperability is positioning ourselves to again be a leader in this space. Our ability to insert privacy obligations into the movement of data makes the A4L Community a leader across the globe. The work on PODs (Privacy Obligation Documents) coupled with the soon to be released version 1.0 of the Global Education Security Standard (GESS) is addressing an international issue that no one else has dared to take on. As we have begun to publicly announce GESS, we often hear comments like, “you definitely like a challenge?” or  “you really like to take on huge issues!”….  Being a leader means taking on challenges that others shy away from. The Community has a history of doing just that. We are at a precipice of leading the work of ‘Connecting and securing effective learning ecosystems’TM  across the globe.

Moving forward, the future is very bright with respect to the SIF Infrastructure Specification finally being recognized as the leading data transport mechanism in the PK-20 to Workforce environment.

There are so many great things going on in the A4L Community it is difficult to capture the excitement in a quarterly newsletter. Those of you that are actively involved in the many Project Teams understand the depth of work going on and feel the excitement. Those of you that may not be as involved we encourage you to get involved and be a part of making a positive impact on the education ecosystem.

We are excited to see most of you at our upcoming second annual Privacy & Interoperability Symposium. Reserve your seat soon as space is limited!

Global Community News:

Welcome new members!; Scheduled Maintenance; Webinar: Data Standards 101; Come Join Us at the Privacy & Interoperability Symposium; The Community Needs YOU!; Support Portal available; The United State of Data Standards; Quality Assurance: Getting New Underpinnings; and Community Project Team updates.

News from the North American Community:

Worldwide Eye on Quality: North America Joins In…; Project Unicorn Rubric updated; CEDS v11 published; and an Announcement to Membership: North America 2023 Elections

Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) News:

National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) v2 update; and Global Education Security Standard (GESS) Project Team update

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