A4L Quarterly Newsletter, March 2021

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How should we be ‘measured’?

Foreword by Larry Fruth II PhD., CEO/Exec Director, A4L Community

“The ultimate measure of a [person] is not where [he/she] stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where [he/she] stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

That quote should make us think: It is now officially a year into this crisis and how would/could we be ‘measured’?  As we come out of our holes in the ground (like the American furry rodent we tell the coming of spring by), we begin to think what have we learned during this pandemic and what can we do differently for learners and practitioners NEXT year?

I, for one, am passionate about delivering REAL examples of sustainable personalized, individualized, differentiated learning – define those how you want!  I think the explosion of virtual learning and maturation of new tools could make those often used, but not truly implemented, concepts a reality.  But that is discussion for another LONGER day…..

The A4L-SDPC Community continues to plug away at the regular deliverables that never go away from our technical development around interoperability to addressing the needs around student data privacy stewardship.  But to not ‘waste’ this crisis, which has really changed our collective view on what is needed for all schools, so much more is occurring.

First is our new mantra… “Connecting and Securing Effective Learning EcosystemsTM

No interoperability.  No Privacy.  Those terms have become overused and tough to define today.  Then there is the global work of the Community, the work around the next North American Unity Specification supporting CCSSO’s COVID Task Force elements, the continued growth of the SDPC and effective use of the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) with all this virtual learning occurring, and the multitude of webinars held during our year in exile that you can access on ANY topic!

So how can you and your organization be ‘measured’ during this pandemic?  More exercise?  Learn a language? Enjoy family time?  Strategize on how to become a virtual organization?  No matter what – we still seemed to keep busy! 

Now read on…

Global Community News:  

OpenAPI:  Unifying Developers; Quality Assurance: A vision is forming…; Welcome new Members!; Personal Privacy Obligations Document (P-POD) Under Consideration

AU Community News:  

SIF Data Model Specification (Australia) 3.4.8 in review

NZ Community News:  

SIF Data Model Specification (New Zealand) 3.2 in Community Review

NA Community News: 

North American 2021 Elections: nominations now open!; A4L Community (NA) Town Hall Meeting announced; Bolstering Online Learning with Unity; Unity Specification: Community Review coming soon!; Connecting & Securing Effective Learning Ecosystem Webinars (Feb 2021)

Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) News:  

SDPC Vendor Showcase Webinar: LearnPlatform (Mar 18); National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) Development & Usage Guide published; New Project Teams; Privacy By The Numbers

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