A4L Quarterly Newsletter, December 2022

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Much to celebrate as we close out the year…

As we close out the 2022 calendar year we have much to celebrate as a Community…

•  Our membership is growing faster than it has in many years, the unified approach of “Connecting and Securing Effective Learning EcosystemsTM is resonating with many around the world;

•  We held our first annual “Interoperability & Privacy Symposium”;

•  Version 2 of the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) is well on its way to completion; and

•  The work of the Global Education Security Standard (GESS) Project Team is being applauded across the globe.

All of us at A4L are excited about the momentum of the organization and the positive impacts we are all having on the education ecosystem.

We hope that you all take time this holiday season to reflect on our joint accomplishments and join us all in celebrating our work.

We all look forward to an even more productive year in 2023!

Global Community News:

Welcome new members!; Holiday Season Offices Closures; Scheduled Maintenance; International cooperation quietly ties the A4L Community together; A New Year’s Resolution; New Support Portal available!; Community Survey 2022; Save the Dates! and Community Project Team updates

AU Community News:

NSIP A4L AU Community Day: Overview 

NA Community News:

A4L Community releases Unity Specification; Interested in becoming more involved in the Community?; EDFacts Reporting Update; and CEDS and JSON on the Wire

Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) News:

2022 Election results: National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) v2 update; and GESS Project Team update

DOWNLOAD the A4L Quarterly Newsletter, December 2022 >>

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