A4L Quarterly Newsletter, December 2021

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2022 Community Predictions!

Foreword by Larry Fruth II PhD., CEO/Exec Director, A4L Community

While I do not EVER contend to be able to predict the future, I can confidently present some of the following “bets” for the Community in 2022.  These are for entertainment purposes only – no betting is encouraged!

• The new A4L Membership structure will not only clarify and align our two “sides”, specifications and privacy, it will drive additional members to the Community

• The new “Data Hub” pilot will be a HUGE hit and begin replication across the country streamlining how applications enter into the school ecosystem in a safe and secure manner – no matter what standard is used!

• A version 2 of the National Data Privacy Agreement will be delivered and adopted by the majority of the Alliances

• We will get a chance to once again meet face to face and share our successes, challenges and priorities for the work of the Community

• There will be a new “Quality Control” program for the Community that add additional clarity on marketplace product claims replacing our current Certification Program

• Some new and very interesting partnership will emerge that expands the impact of the community globally including additional support and sharing for all 4 international communities.

• The SDPC Resource Registry will continue its exponential growth while improving speed and functionality for users.

• Much like during election season with those always enjoyable ads for your vote, you will be inundated with the marketing pitch and associated changes for “Connecting and Securing Effective Learning Ecosystems”®

And this is just the start………….

Lots to do so get rested over the holidays and let’s hit the ground running in 2022!  Happy Holidays!

Global Community News:  

SIF Infrastructure Specification (global) 3.4 release —what it REALLY shows; User Profile changes coming in 2022; Welcome new members!; System Maintenance Notice; Holiday Office closures; You spoke. We Listened—new membership structure, improvements forthcoming;  Infrastructure looking for expertise…; SAVE THE DATES: Privacy & Interoperability Symposium 2022; and Project Team updates

AU Community News:  

AU Community Day Overview; and 2021 Election results

NZ Community News:  

Community update

NA Community News:  

What’s next for Unity?; SIF Certification News; and Understanding the Data Hub Ecosystem

Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) News: 

2021 Election results; NRDPA released; Coming soon… NDPA v2; Curious about Linking Privacy to Security Common Frameworks?; Project Team updates

Download the A4L-SDPC Quarterly Newsletter, December 2021 >>

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